Retro Cassette Cover for iPhone

If you’re feeling the need to disguise your iPhone, this cassette cover is the way to do it.  It’ll make your precious iPhone look like nothing more than an old worn out tape.  Plus the case allows for you to more easily sit and watch videos.  Between the two perks it’s enough to make this case turn a few heads.

Sure an observant thief won’t be deterred by the camouflage, but it couldn’t hurt.  Plus we all know you secretly miss the days of mixed tapes, don’t lie.  Strangely despite the very plastic look, the cover itself is silicon.  Now the cassette tape case is a hard plastic, that case can be propped open to double as a stand for your iPhone.  The down side of this product is that you have to order a minimum of 6 of them.  It appears you’ll have to contact them to find out just how much those 6 cases will cost you.

Source: UberReview