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Retrievor RT-101 GPS tracker takes the crowdfunding route

retrievorWhat do you think of GPS trackers? Are they nifty tools to tote around, or do you prefer to ditch their use just in case it is compromised and other folks with unfriendly intention will be able to hunt you down? If you are not of the latter, then you might be full well interested in investing some of your hard earned money for the Retrievor RT-101 GPS tracker which has just taken the crowdfunding route in order to become reality.

Over on Indiegogo, the Retrievor RT-101 GPS tracker has a funding goal of $60,000, in order for it to be realized and roll off a production line somewhere. This is a sequel to its predecessor which also took the Indiegogo route, and it ended up as quite the hit thanks to the marketing of it being the tiniest GPS tracker around. However, there were a handful of glitches during production, and this led to a delay in manufacturing, which resulted in the team to return to the drawing board, and that has resulted in the Retrievor RT-101 GPS tracker which is touted to be an embodiment of the company’s intention to “produce the smallest GPS tracker on the market, but to make certain that anything with the Retrievor name is also superior to all other devices”.

The Retrievor RT-101 GPS tracker will feature a new GPS receiver that is full well capable of tracking both indoors and outdoors. Not only that, they have also thrown in an accelerometer for good measure, allowing the Retrievor to be set to automatically track the moment the device is in motion, and enter a sleep state when it remains stationary. Battery life has also been extended thanks to a ground-breaking proprietary power source development, and the Retrievor RT-101 GPS tracker measures an incredibly tiny 35 mm (1.37″) in diameter and 16 mm (0.63″) thick, allowing this to become this generation’s Spider tracer.

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