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Retrieva GPS Dog Collar knows where Lassie is

Ever wondered were Lassie has wondered off while you were not looking? With the Retrieva GPS Dog Collar, you don’t have to remain puzzled and worried any more.

  • Contains 3 different tracking technologies (satellite, telecom and radio frequency) to enable location in virtually every environment
  • Has ‘sky-view’ GPS antenna to performance
  • User-programmable for changing operational performance and reporting frequency
  • Global coverage with appropriate SIM card
  • Locking buckle with automatic interference alert (via SMS text) if the buckle is tampered with whilst locked
  • Made of anti-cut material with automatic interference alert (via SMS text) if any attempt is made to cut it
  • Can alert the owner (via SMS text) if the dog roams out of any pre-defined safe area or enters a forbidden area
  • Waterproof and dustproof to IP67
  • Harness version available (late 2008) with the same features for very small dogs
  • Self-diagnostic button on the buckle to allow user to assess performance
  • Create virtual fences wherever you go

Lost no more, and for those who rear pedigrees, this would definitely be a compulsory purchase lest they get dog-napped an disappear without a trace.

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