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Restman computer armrest series

restmanOffice drones who sit in front of the computer all day long will need to make sure that their working environment is conducive and safe enough so that they won’t suffer from long-term conditions such as RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome. With that in mind, the Restman computer armrest series is touted to offer comfortable, ergonomic computer arm supports that make sure the forearm and elbow will obtain ample support whenever the keyboard and mouse are used. Currently available in Japan and Germany, there are three models to choose from :-

  • Restman 1 Double attachment arm support with mouse pad that can be attached to the desk or the chair.
  • Restman 2 A simple, comfortable swiveling arm support that works!
  • Restman M Computer arm support with a detachable massager. Yes, this is the worlds’ first and only arm support of its kind!

A detachable massager, eh? That sounds pretty interesting! Gamers who spend hours honing their skills might also want to consider this, but expect your street cred to fall if your friends discover your comfortable ‘secret’…

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2 thoughts on “Restman computer armrest series”

  1. Sounds very usefull. I suggest also using ergonomic products to make sure you wouldn’t cause yourself long range damages.

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