Better Rest While Traveling


Ahhhh the joys of travel. Vacation trips are certainly worth the hassle of getting there and back. Work trips – not so much. Any experienced traveler knows that keeping yourself comfortable and relaxed during the transit process is key. Comfortable clothes help. Maybe you enjoy having your tunes or movies pumping into your ears. If you intend to sleep, prevent the “35,000 foot head bob” as I like to call it, that boomerang type action that you subconsciously undertake when letting your head relax to one side or another. It is amazing more travelers don’t end up with whiplash when attempting to correct the head bob. Maybe you have a travel pillow – you know, those C shaped things – which helps, but the weight of your head still cranes your neck in directions that really can’t be good for us.

Some smart and apparently experienced travelers have a different approach to traveling sleep comfort. Meet The Travel Halo™. Rather than providing a soft place for your head, the focus is on providing head stability. This device contains a small pillow on each side towards the back. These cushions cradle your head, preventing the rolling from side to side. Continue to use the seat headrest for support – unlike with C pillows which push your head forward. The Travel Halo contains an eye mask too. Pull it down when you really want to block out the world or simply use the headband portion to stabilize your head. Easy to store and super compact, this 2.5 ounce gadget won’t weigh you down either – key for veteran travelers. If getting rest on a flight, train ride or car ride becomes critical to your daily duties then keep your head in the right position and invest $29 in The Travel Halo. Your head will thank you.

Thanks: Peter Greenberg