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Research Firm: Apple Watch To Capture 50% Of Global Smartwatch Market This Year

apple-watchIt looks like there is a spanking new report that hails from research firm International Data Corporation (IDC), and in this particular report, it cites that Apple would have a strong reign in the smartwatch market this year, but they should look over their shoulders with predictions that Android Wear will catch up at the end of the decade. In the report, Apple is tipped to sell up to 14 million smartwatches in 2016, earning itself 49.4% of the global smartwatch market along the way.

To make matters more interesting, this would translate to an estimated growth of 32.8% year-over-year to 28.3 million units. While Apple has so far declined to share information on the total number of Apple Watch sales, analysts have firm reason to believe that Apple managed to sell 11.5 million units in a matter of 8 months after it was released last year, which allowed it to capture 63% of the global smartwatch market.

Perhaps the second generation Apple Watch will see sales of Apple Watch rising again, after demand for the original Apple Watch declined. The IDC did also gaze into their crystal ball, predicting that Apple will continue to lose market share as its competitors begin to roll out more and more products for the masses to enjoy on their wrists.

As for Android Wear, this particular operating system for smartwatches is tipped to pick up momentum by the time 2020 arrives, which would be far more than what Android Wear has at this moment with a 21.4% smartwatch market share. Not only that, Samsung’s very own Tizen is also tipped to progress all the more this year, with the FCC citing that Samsung’s wearable OS could jolly well ship up to 3.2 million smartwatches this year, which would make it bite a 11.3% chunk from the smartwatch market. Interesting times are definitely ahead for all the smartwatch players – may the best product win!

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