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Rescue Robot Removes Victims from Accidents

rescue-robotMaybe I have seen too many Terminator and Matrix movies, but this shot of the human going inside of a robot just gives me the creeps.

The fact that the attached YouTube video that you can watch after the jump is called “Human Body Shredding Machine” doesn’t help. Clearly, I need to get over my robot issues and see that this robot rescuer, or Robocue, could truly save a life.

The basic concept behind this is that the Robocue can get to places that would be too dangerous for a human to get to. It is equipped with many sensors and cameras for remote operation up to 100 meters away, and the conveyor belt feature is equipped to put the injured human in a safe place for transport.

Of course, I can’t help but wonder what situation the Robocue could get into that a human could not do better. Sure, it may be able to enter a burning building without getting singed, but could it do it at a running speed? In other words, I’m not certain whether this Robocue would be up to the job in a real emergency.

Perhaps I got a little robo-bigotry like Will Smith’s character in I, Robot. I know that I’ve got a little irrational fear of this Human Body Shredding Machine video, but maybe it is because it reminds me of the people bulldozers from Soylent Green.