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Replug saves your headphones … and your tech


How many times have you forgotten you’re wearing your phones and you go an inch too far and either pull the plug out – destroying it. And mostly, with cheap earbuds, it’s not a big deal. But even worse, what if it pulls your iPod or Laptop and they come crashing to the floor? Cheap $5 buds aren’t a big deal, an LCD screen, that’s a calamity that no one wants. And now, no one needs to experience. Thanks to REPLUG. Working off a similar concept perfected by the Magsafe magnetic technology that Apple has incorporated into it’s power supply cables, Replug has taken the same idea and adapted it to sound transmission. And steering clear of Cupertino’s proprietary domain of power transmission they’re at it.

And the results seem to be pretty good. And easy to adapt to. Users simply plug their headphones into the tiny Replug adapter, which magnetically adhere’s to a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. With the connection made, the sound flows clearly like any other set of headphoens. However, if the cord is pulled to taughtly, the Replug simply breaks it’s magnetic connection, saving the day.
Replug works on laptops, iPods (any mp3 player, actually), PMPs, in fact, anything with a 3.5-millimeter audio jack.

No word yet on price, but it’s obviously moved out of the concept stage and is creating buzz for it’s imminent release. Perhaps just in time for Christmas?

Source: The Giz.

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  1. Cool! I’ve always hated audio jacks. I guess anything to help prevent wasted time re-soldering cheap connectors is great.

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