Replace Your Own iPhone Battery For Less Than $8

Phone batteries have to be replaced every so often, since they give out much like any other piece of hardware. The problem is that with the iPhone, the battery casing is non-removable. This means in order to replace the battery on your iPhone, you have to send your device to Apple and have them do it for you.

Not only is this a real pain in the butt, having to wait to have them send your phone back intact is stressful. And don’t forget that Apple charges around $90 for a replacement battery. If you’re feeling a mixture of frugality and daring, you can attempt to replace the iPhone battery yourself, with this $7.29 Replacement Kit.

Even shipping is free with the iPhone Replacement Kit! The package comes with everything you need for replacing your iPhone’s battery from home, including a screwdriver, a case opener, and the iPhone compatible 3.7V 1400mAh Li-Polymer battery.

We’re not quite sure how long this excellent deal is going to last. This is quite a value though. For less than $8, this is really a steal for all iPhone users. You might want to grab one just to have a back up plan in case the battery ever decides to crap out on you.

Product Page via Gear Diary