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Reolink C2 Pro 5MP Wireless PTZ Smart Home Camera

Want to sleep better at night? You might want to consider working on your home security then in order to make sure that it remains secure and safe from unwanted intruders. Perhaps the time is nigh for you to install a basic security camera system around your abode, and Reolink has just the thing for you in the form of the Reolink C2 Pro 5MP PTZ smart home camera. It will be different from the previous iterations of indoor smart home security cameras, since this model boasts of a whole new white housing while delivering all-around indoor security capability in a far clearer and more elegant manner.

 While majority of the other indoor security cameras normally deliver 2MP resolution and a small viewing angle, the Reolink C2 Pro takes security more seriously with far more capable specifications, offering superior and clearer images courtesy of its 5MP Super HD, and super wide detecting angle alongside its smooth PTZ control. In other words, you would end up with almost no blind spots if you were to install it properly.

Another aspect of a great outdoor and indoor smart home security solution that everyone is able to take advantage of would be ease-of-use, which is why Reolink has ensured that the C2 Pro has been designed in such a manner where it sports unparalleled ease-of-use when it comes to indoor security, letting customers enjoy a zero-setup environment in the form of a truly plug-and-play smart home security camera.

Features of the Reolink C2 Pro include dual Band Wi-Fi, smooth pan/tilt, 3X optical zoom, excellent infrared night vision, and others. In night vision, it is capable of capturing images and video up to 40 feet away, which should be more than enough for most homes. The charming appearance and sleek white housing makes it easier to fit in with the rest of your home decor, too. Expect the Reolink C2 Pro to arrive with a recommended retail price of $119.99 per set.

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