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Renogy’s Phoenix is an All-in-One Solar Powered Generator Briefcase

renogyMany of us who are office drones would most probably have a briefcase to work with as well, and this is more often than not reflected in the kind of documents that we bring to and forth from work. Well, while some briefcase designs are different from the rest that tells of your allegiance as to whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, Renogy has something that is very, very different in mind. I am referring to Renogy’s Phoenix, an all-in-one solar powered generator briefcase.

The Phoenix is very, very different from all other briefcases that you would have most probably used in your life, since this intuitive and innovative portable generator is able to provide 100% clean energy without any kind of maintenance whatsoever, and has an interchangeable lithium-iron phosphate battery to boot.

After all, Renogy is a leading expert in renewable, non-traditional energy, and the Phoenix is their latest release. This personal solar energy solution will turn the power of the sun into easy-to-use dependable energy. It has been specially designed for mobile, off-grid applications and is also perfect when it comes to emergencies. Being compact in size, it works quietly and is a very efficient portable solar generator, being equally adept indoors as well as outdoors.

This is made possible thanks to a couple of highly efficient Renogy 10 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels which are able to expand up to 120 watts with additional PVs (Photovoltaics). You will be able to juice up the Phoenix in three ways – the sun, standard home/office 120v outlet or an automobile 12v lighter outlet. There is also a high-quality LCD panel which will depict the remaining power and output usage.

It has integrated 150 watt USB and AC/DC outputs which will play nice with a full range of devices and appliances, capable of even powering TVs and small appliances. The Phoenix Briefcase will come with an asking price of $599 on Amazon at first as part of a promotion for a limited time only, before it is bumped up by another $100 later on.

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