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Renogy reveals Lycan Powerbox solar-powered generator

renogy-lycanRenogy is a leading expert when it comes to renewable energy, and this time around, it has announced yet another addition to its stable of products — that is, the Lycan Powerbox. The Lycan Powerbox is different from all other portable power sources that you tend to see appear in the market for one simple reason — this is a solar-powered generator, which means it will harness the power of our solar system’s only star in order to keep it juiced up so that it can power other devices as well. We are looking at a commitment to 100% clean energy as well as zero maintenance, thanks to its interchangeable lithium-iron phosphate battery.

Available after its successful Indiegogo campaign, the Lycan Powerbox is a personal energy solution which is able to transform the power of the sun, turning it into easy-to-use and dependable energy. It is not only quiet, it is also highly efficient and of course, a pollution-free solution when it comes to being a portable generator. Unlike the werewolf which can only transform when the moon is out, this particular Lycan works great regardless of whether it is both indoor or outdoor. Apart from that, the Lycan Powerbox prides itself in being the first of its kind to feature a swappable lithium-iron phosphate battery, making it the most reliable and cleanest battery in the world.

Perfect for camping, tailgating or survivalist adventures, the Lycan Powerbox is more than up to the task thanks to a rugged exterior that is more than able to meet unexpected situations. It boasts of heavy-duty wheels that deliver an effortless movement, while extended handles makes it a snap to maneuver it on any setting. Since it is totally battery powered, it is safe to use indoors during emergencies, and works great as an alternative to lower your energy related expenses.

The asking price for the Lycan Powerbox will make anyone blush though at $1,799.99 apiece, although it will most probably be more useful than the iPhone X.

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