The ReNEW Solar Battery Charger


Buying rechargable batteries is always far better than purchasing the disposable ones.  However, it’s still not a perfect method.  It helps so that you’re throwing away less batteries, but at the same time you’re still plugging something into the wall and using your electricity to charge the batteries.  Instead of plugging a battery charger into the wall, this ReNEW would allow for your rechargable batteries to become even more eco-friendly.

This ReNEW charger allows for you to just drop the batteries through the top slot and once the battery is all charged it will drop out of the bottom.  On the back of the unit is a solar panel that is the resource of the power pumped into your batteries.  The charger can either sit on a tabletop like a picture frame or you could use the suction cup to attach it to a window.  It’s a fantastic design, but sadly it is still a concept.

Source: Ubergizmo