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Renaisscent digital fragrance diffuser calms you down with smells

renaisscentThe modern day lifestyle might bring its fair share of perks, but there is also a great number of factors that could be detrimental to our health. Stress at the workplace (and at home) can be a major contributing factor, which means we need to find different ways to combat our stress, including eating right, sleeping well, and getting a healthy amount of exercise. Another way to soothe those frazzled nerves would be through aromatherapy, and here is the Renaisscent digital fragrance diffuser which brings forward a modern day take on an ancient method.

What makes the Renaisscent digital fragrance diffuser so different from other kinds of aromatherapy methods? For starters, this is an economic alternative, and it is also eco-friendly with a unique capsule design that carries high quality fragrances which will be able to provide care for your well being as well as bring comfort to your moods.

Renaisscent’s system will comprise of a quartet of different series of fragrance capsules, where these four are Relaxation, Oriental Meditation, Attractive Sensuality, and Cosmopolitan. Each individual Renaisscent fragrance capsule will be accompanied by a trio of various aromas, bringing it to a total of a dozen options as though you have twelve different bottles of essential oils. All of this without having to break the bank, now how about that? Once the different capsules are placed into the smart diffuser, the Renaisscent app that is connected to the diffuser will be able to recognize the capsules within three seconds, where the fragrance icons are shown on the smartphone screen. From there, the diffuser is able to diffuse fragrances according to your designed configuration. Not only that, the app can also be customized to mix and match the types of fragrances, in addition to the density and duration of diffusion.

The internet is also another useful tool to remotely control your Renaisscent fragrance diffuser as you are making your way home, letting you open the door to a fragrant and relaxing atmosphere. There is also an aromatic reminder that works with the alarm function, so that it can dispense the fragrance of roses and lavender to inform you that it is time to retire for the day. The Renaisscent digital fragrance diffuser is recharged via a microUSB cable.

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