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Remote Temperature Sensing Space Heater

remote-heaterWhen the mercury drops, either you put on more layers of thick clothing, or feed the fireplace with more wood while staying within a few feet of it. Others who are more fortunate can always rely on their electronic heater, but that tends to consume a whole lot of power. The Remote Temperature Sensing Space Heater helps you maintain just the right temperature no matter where you are in the room, offering a sense of uniformity for folks who like stability in their lives.

This is the only space heater that monitors the ambient temperature from the remote control, ensuring your preferred air temperature is maintained wherever you are located. When the temperature falls below or rises above the preset level, the remote control automatically sends a signal to the heater (up to 30′ away) to increase or decrease the wattage and fan speed. Deeply pitched fan blades and a specially designed air duct create a vortex of warm air that circulates throughout a 256′ sq. room, heating the air evenly from the floor to the ceiling and eliminating hot and cold spots. The heater uses only the necessary energy (between 750 and 1,500 watts) to achieve the preferred temperature, ensuring optimal efficiency. The remote also allows you to adjust heat output or set the timer with the touch of a button, and all functions can be changed using the heater’s LCD touchscreen.

This $199.95 home appliance comes bundled with a remote control, where you will need to throw in another two AA batteries to get that up and running. The heater itself can be plugged straight into an AC outlet.