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Remote Controlled Lightsaber Lights

A lightsaber just isn’t a lightsaber unless it lets off that strange glow.  Well now you can put some use to that glow by making it double as mood lighting in your bedroom.  Nothing is bound to draw in the opposite sex more than flipping off that overhead light and letting the romantic glow of the lightsabers do all the work.  If you think just one won’t do the trick you could hook up several to really finish off the room.

These 27-inch tall wall mounted lightsabers come with a remote control.  On that control you can choose between 7 different color effects, although they don’t quite specify what those effects are exactly.  To keep one of the lights up and running you’ll need 5 AAA batteries.  Those of you with children under 3 should be careful with this one since it does have a whole lot of small parts.  You can pick one up for $29.99 through the Star Wars Shop.  Although it won’t actually ship out until sometime in August.

Source: SlipperyBrick