Remote controlled Humvee with built in web camera and mic

Remote controlled car with built in web camera.

Most people would enjoy playing toying with a remote controlled Humvee and get bored after 20 minutes. This remote-controlled gadget is a bit different though, because it has a built-in camera and a few other extras to keep you entertained!

This is one of the most fun gadgets I’ve seen in ages. As if the idea of a fitted spy camera weren’t enough, there’s also a microphone and loudspeaker built into the vehicle.

I’m sure it would be great fun for children (of all ages!) to set this thing off and start snooping around. The camera is mounted in the back of the truck and can be rotated through 360°. The transmitted picture can be viewed on an LCD panel on the front of the remote control set.

The Humvee itself is supposedly “all-terrain”, and even has built-in spotlights for when it gets dark. The kit comes with NiCad rechargeable battery back, but unfortunately, the product page doesn’t give any details of battery life or the range of the remote control, but I don’t care.

I’m buying one – for my kid!!!

The remote controlled Humvee with built in camera, microphone, speaker and headlights is available from Edmund Scientific for $200.