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Remote Controlled Grappler

Wonder what little Jimmy is going to grow up into? Well, perhaps you might want to pique his interest in being a young construction foreman with the Remote Controlled Grappler. This rather cute little superstructure of sorts is capable of rotating 360ยบ (with beeping to boot), extending its arm, raising and lowering it at the same time, coupled with its twin-jawed grapple that opens and closes. All that movement is controlled with a remote which looks like the same kind found in real life large earth moving equipment. As for the grappler itself, it can move forward, backward, left, and right on two treaded tracks. The grapple comes with five interlocking rubber-tipped teeth which can secure small objects including pencils, balls, or action figures. When idle, just give the ignition key button a go and watch it get jolted into action. Interestingly enough, it even comes with a horn that warns other imaginary workers in the vicinity that you’re about to let her rip. Nice to know that all sounds can be muted just in case other adults are irritated by it. Powered by seven AA batteries, the Remote Controlled Grappler is suprisingly affordable at $49.95.

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