Remote Control Paintball Turret

remote_control_paintball_gunIf defence is needed around your garden then a paintball turret should sort out any problems. This particular Paintball turret has a video relay allowing you to remote control it and see through the eyes of the camera. Each turret is custom built to your specifications. Upgrades are also possible too which will see the gun being able to rotate through 360 degrees of infinite motion, 1000+ round hoppers, upgrades and more. Built from machined polyurethane/delrin assembly, it also features hardened stainless steel shafts with metal gears.

Those specs alone would make anybody avoid even walking past your garden.


  • EMT Dual-Barrel Dual-Feed Paintball Marker assembly with electronic rapid firing cam
  • Color CCD CCTV Camera with 2mm Lens, Auto White balance, and low light sensor
  • 2.4Ghz Long Range Video Transmitter
  • EMT Custom controller with proportional pan/tilt controls, firing button, integrated 2.4Ghz video receiver, High Capacity 4400mAh 12V internal rechargeable battery and 3.5″ Color LCD Monitor
  • All aluminum Adjustable Tripod with telescoping legs and aluminum supports
  • Hitec Quick Charger for Controller and Turret
  • 2 X 20oz Co2 tanks
  • 2 X Micro Remote Co2 Coils
  • Custom EMT 400 round hopper
  • The Paintball Turret costs $1400.

    Source – Gadgettastic

    Guest Post by Matthew of Gadget Venue.