Remote Control Mouse

Remote Control Mouse
I used to have a cat and I remember that it was so much fun to dangle a piece of string around for hours marvelling at how long the cat can stay amused by a piece of string. You then, of course, realize that you’ve been dangling a string in front of a cat for an hour; who’s the easily amused one now ;)?

And since you can do pretty much anything else with gadgets, why not entertain your cat with one? The Remote Control Mouse saves your arm from tiring during the strenuous act of dangling a piece of string, while also giving you a little more enjoyment out of playing with your cat.

The mouse looks like a real mouse, although I’m pretty sure your cat won’t be too fussy what it looks like! It even has a really cool little tail on it which your cat can paw at.

It is controlled by a cheeseburger remote which looks kind of odd however it’s a neat-looking little addition to the mouse. With the remote you can have the mouse move forwards and backwards as well as spinning around to drive your cat crazy. It is capable of quick movements as well to keep your cat on its paws.

The cheeseburger takes 3 AA batteries for power. It then powers the mouse from a small hidden cord in just minutes so you can start playing with your cat right away.

If you want a more fun way to keep your cat happy the Remote Control Mouse could be perfect. You can get one for just $19.99 from Smart Home.

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