Remote Control Jousting Knights

Jousting Knights

It must be the season for cool (or crazy) remote control toys, we’ve had the uber cool R/C battle tanks and helicopters and the some what strange R/C horse racing and sumo wrestling, This next remote control gadget is both a bit crazy but also cool as you can now combat a friend medieval style with the R/C Jousting Nights.

The operation and rules of play are all pretty simple:

Each set includes two R/C horses, lances, and two brave riders. The goal is simple: knock your opponent off their horse. Because when you do, their control over their horse stops (so they can’t cheat!) All you need is floor space, and you can form tournaments of your own. Since tournaments usually lasted days and days, think of all the work you can ignore as you joust! Could a nobler goal than procrastination exist for the office? We think not. Tilt away, ladies and gentlemen, tilt away!

Even the dog can play:

Can’t see the video? Click here.

You can buy the R/C jousting knights from Think Geek for $39.99. Let the games begin!

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