Remote control Flying dinosaur – The Pterosaur


Remote control toys are often pretty cool, examples being R2D2 and the wall climbing car, and some are just plain old wacky, R/C Sumo wrestlers and the farting teddy spring to mind. I’m not sure yet which category this one falls in, Pterosaur, the remote control flying dinosaur.


As well as resembling palaeontology’s favourite winged lizard, this remote controlled reptile flies around by flapping its membranous wings in a highly realistic (we imagine) fashion. No really!

Ready-to-fly straight out of the box, Pterosaur will be flapping through the air faster than you can grunt “unk umgawa” in your best caveman voice. (Yes, we know dinosaurs and humans never actually co-existed, but that didn’t stop Doug McClure or Raquel Welch, so it’s certainly not going to stop us).

Pterosaur can be yours from Firebox for £49.95 (~$100 at todays crazy exchange rate).