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The Remidi turns your sense of rhythm into an instrument


There are lots of ways you can express yourself. Our hobbies are usually the way we show our passions, and we can pour hours of work into projects without realizing we’re doing it. If you are lucky enough to turn a hobby into a job, then you know the struggles of keeping the creativity alive. Music is a particularly difficult venture, not only because you need to work at it to sound good, but there’s also so much of it already out there that it’s difficult to feel like you’re making something new.

If you don’t want to tackle a classical instrument like the piano or violin, then maybe something from the digital realm that offers more expression will tickle your fancy. The Remidi is a glove that will allow your movements and rhythm to be your instrument. It features 8 pressure sensitive sensors in the fingers and palm that you can set to make custom sounds or remix previous ones while your gestures will control the effects.

The glove knows which sensor you press, how long, and how hard or soft to give the sound the right intensity and length. The controls will know if you’re up, down, left, right, moving slow or fast, and will alter the sounds accordingly. There is of course an app that will let you change things up or record while in transit from place to place. The glove is made of spandex, and with the cuff will weigh 1.8 pounds. Its battery will last for about 8-10 hours, and a single glove will cost you $199.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter