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Memorial Day is almost here, a time for boats, beaches or barbecues, but I don’t think we should forget that here in the USA, Memorial Day is mostly about remembering the sacrifices that our brave men and women made in the service of our country. We should take a few moments out of our busy weekend to remember them, honor them, and say thank-you. Our friends over at are allowing folks to get a little more formal this weekend, by allowing us to create an entire memorial page dedicated to a beloved Veteran, or anyone else you would like to remember…a page that can easily be shared with family and friends all over the world and all for free. Start by creating a short biography and then adding some photos, you can quickly create the foundation of the memorial. Once created,’s unique social networking engine will allow you to invite friends, co-workers, and family from around the globe. Those invited can then add their own photos, comments, and stories to complete an online legacy to your loved one. So instead of just hanging out in the sun, take the time to remember someone that made a difference in the lives of just one, or in the lives of many… and share it with the world. Simply go to to create your free memorial website that you can view and share for 30 days, if you would like to keep it forever, its just under 10 bucks and if you would like to hold an invitation only online memorial, or host unlimited photos on your page, plan to spend around 20 dollars… NOW go hit the beach!]]>