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The ReLeaf Leaf Scoops save your hands from crunchy encounters

Releaf Leaf Scoops

If you are lucky enough to have your very own yard, then you get the joyous task of keeping it nice and clean. Having trees on the premises means shedding their luscious green as crunchy brown crisps every Fall, and as the groundskeeper, it is your duty to rid the grass of them. If you’ve done some yard work, you know that gathering up the mess and carting it away may be more time consuming, but condensing the debris is by far the more difficult task.

Not only do you have to wear gloves so you don’t cut up your hands, but you also have to smash everything down into a bag or barrel, which gives you the opportunity to impale¬†your hands on a poorly positioned stick. These ReLeaf Leaf Scoops look like giant green baseball gloves, but will let you scoop, move, and smash down yard debris without direct contact. If you’ve never grabbed a nettle then you won’t know how exciting these are.

These little hulk hands are one-size-fits-all, and are worn by slipping your wrists into the straps and putting your fingers into the indentations. Those with delicate wrists will likely find this quite the aid for yard work as it will take some of the pressure off of your wrists by keeping them straight. This set will cost you around $24, and is sure to make yard work slightly less daunting.

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