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The Reebok Workout Bench will help you shred without the gym

Reebok Workout Bench

Getting into a solid workout routine is a pretty difficult thing to do. Once you get to the point where you’ve got a good rhythm going, something inevitably changes, throwing off your routine, and forcing you to figure out how to deal with the new timetable. If you’re home more often than not but have work clawing at you and can’t afford the extra 20 minutes it takes to get to and from the gym, you have to figure out how to get in your workout without leaving.

If you have the necessary equipment at hand to help you do workouts that you’re already familiar with, it will be quite a bit easier to keep up the normal routine. This Reebok Deck Workout Bench would certain help those who like to do step, weight, and resistance workouts on the regular. Not only will you be able to use this for incline, decline, and flat positions, but it also has two height positions for adventurous steppers.

Beyond being a high or low step, incline step, or inclined bench, it also has 4 pairs of resistance band attachment points. There’s also storage to keep your bands, dumbbells, and more close at hand. It will cost you $149.99, and if you’re not good with setting things up on your own you can pay an extra $56.95 to get a local pro to put it together for you. It’s pricey, and doesn’t come with weights or bands, but who knows, it may negate your need for a gym membership altogether.

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