Red Hot Laser Show Brings the Fun Home

Red Hot Laser Show

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy laser shows. I’ve seen some that are pretty impressive, and some that were just a random collection of colored lights. However, I don’t need too much lasers to fill my cup of excitement, so the Red Hot Laser Light Show might be for me.

I’m not saying that this product is inferior, but it is advanced for the price you will pay. As you can see, someone went to a lot of trouble to make the casing as flamed as possible, and painted it a lovely shade of Diablo red. I swear that shade of red belongs only on hot sports cars, and it really makes this laser projector shine even when it is turned off.

When it is turned on, it shines an assortment of random shapes across your walls and ceilings that include red circles, spheres, and lines. I am told there is even a sound responsive mode, so the lasers will shape themselves according to the ambient noise. I’m also told that it can work outdoors, but I’m guessing you need some surface to project the lasers on.

The Red Hot Laser Show requires four AA batteries for operation, and can be purchased on the Scientifics Online website for about $24.95.