Recycled Auto Part Chess Set

Think about how many junky cars you see people driving. Where do you think those cars will be in five years? Rotting away in some landfill no doubt. Old car parts can be used for so many productive purposes, rather than gathering dust on some abandoned lot.

Armando Ramirez proves that old cars are so much more than mobile junk piles. He creates these awesome recycled chess sets made from old automobile parts. Each chess set is custom made, each piece composed of the heavy and rustic remnants of an old car.

For example, the heads of the bishop pieces are made using NGK and AC DELCO spark plugs. Each set is completely unique, each with their own individual touches. A truly green process using recycled parts into a product for modern use. You just can’t beat that if you’re a chess player with a heart of green.

Each set will set you back $207.95 which really isn’t bad as far as custom made products go. But what you get in return is a true piece of art. A recycled game with a true rustic pseudo-steampunk feel. We imagine it’s products like this that provide inspiration to all of you green industrial plotters out there.

Product Page via Gizmos For Geeks

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