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ReCover iPhone 4 Case

Your iPhone 4 might be so 2010, but that doesn’t mean you can bring it back to the days of past gizmos to help it remember the hottest portable devices of yore? Basically, what we’re asking you to do is not step into a time machine, but to purchase the £12.99 ReCover iPhone 4 Case and fit it to your smartphone instead. You will be able to choose from a trio of designs – a game controller, a calculator, and an old school camera.
This is the perfect way to make sure your iPhone 4 remains free from scratches, although we can’t guarantee that it will be able to survive a knock or a long drop to the hard concrete floor. The print of the retro icon will be at the back, and some might even think that you’ve gone insane putting in a game controller into your pocket until you flip it to the other side…
Out of the three, which design would you aim for?