Record-breaking Electric car goes 1,000km without a charge

I’m not certain of an exact translation of the banner in this picture, but it probably reads: “1000km without a single charge on May 22nd and 23rd, 2010”.

The record was set for an electric vehicle by the Japan Electric Vehicle club, a civic group based in Tokyo. They managed to take their Mira EV 1003.184 kilometers without a single recharge.

Yes, this is a record, and it beats a record previously set by the same Japan Electric Vehicle Club last month. Another electric vehicle drove from Tokyo to Osaka about 555.6km, which is only half the record set a day or so ago.

This new over a thousand kilometer record was made at a driving course in Shimotsuma, Japan, which is the world’s longest. It took about 27.5 hours with an average speed of 40km per hour.

The people that you see in the picture are probably the 17-person team that took turns driving the car. I mean, you don’t think that one driver did this?

It was powered by a Sanyo lithium-ion battery, and it is the power equivalent of about 8,320 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries.

I suppose that this is a landmark for electronic vehicles. I once heard that one of the limitations for electronic vehicles was that they needed constant charging. If charges can be limited, then electronic vehicles could be more common.


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