RecognizeMe relies on facial recognition to unlock an iPhone

A few days ago, we reported on the Hoyos Eyelock USB Iris Scanner that allows the user to enter their laptop or desktop device via eye-scan. All it takes is just connecting it via USB, but what if you could get similar security on your mobile phone?
The technology is already here. What you can see in the picture and in the video after the jump is RecognizeMe, an App that is only available on jailbroken iPhones. This App uses the Facetime camera in order to recognized the registered user, and only then will it unlock the phone.
So who needs fingerswipes and passwords? Just look at the iPhone, which is something that you are probably doing anyway if you have your iPhone on hand.
By the way, there are apparently a lot of setting thresholds and all sorts of ways to insure that your evil identical twin brother or sister can’t get into your valuable information. I wonder how it can do that, and if it would work if you were wearing glasses. I also don’t have any word on how long it takes to scan your face. If it takes any longer than immediately, then this App is rather counter-productive.
Anyway, for all you jailbroken iPhone users out there, RecognizeMe is developed by Apocolipse at a price of $7.


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