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Recipe Dice will choose the fate of your dinner

Recipe Dice

Getting home from a long day at work makes you want to give up on even trying to come up with a dinner plan and just order takeout. This is of course, not very cost-effective if you already have a myriad of groceries, and you’ll spend the same amount of time waiting on your food as it would take for you to make it yourself. Of course, the part we don’t want to do is think about what we would make.

If you wish you could just roll some dice and have dinner all figured out, these Recipe Dice can help. This is a set of 12 dice made of solid wood that feature more than sixty veggies, grains, meats, spices, and herbs. Simply toss out the dice, do a quick internet search of how to put things together effectively, and you’ll have dinner in no time. Not only will this help you out of a cooking slump (where you only make 4 dishes over and over again), but it will also teach you how to make and tweak new recipes.

The tag on the jar has tips for making a scrumptious meal, and the small size of the jar will help it blend in onto your kitchen counter. There is a regular edition for those that eat meat, and a vegetarian edition which will have an extra veggie die. For the latter, it may be better to make a protein die so you don’t overload on veggies. One set of these in the jar will cost you $16, regardless of which edition you choose.

Available for purchase from leafcutterdesigns

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