The Rechargeable USB Travel Razor makes for a clean shave and a quick getaway

Rechargeable USB Travel Razor

Something we strive to keep up with while traveling is our appearance. It’s important to look just as bright and chipper as you do when bouncing between work and the comforts of home as running from hotel to hotel. If you don’t have all of your normal facial cleansers, favorite brush, and the right kind of shampoo, your struggle against weariness is certainly going to show itself a bit more.

While you can’t bring everything from home with you, there are options to make things more convenient and portable. For those who need to keep up with shaving facial hair, having a beard trimmer on hand is almost invaluable. Going into a big meeting looking scruffy is not going to bode well for a good first impression. The Rechargeable USB Travel Razor will help you to touch up any last-minute spots before you go into the fray.

This is a very compact and lightweight device that has no need of power cables or batteries as it charges via USB. Of course it won’t have as much power as hair clippers. For those of you who have to travel internationally, this is going to be a big sigh of relief as you won’t have to worry about sporting a power converter. The outer foil hood can be easily removed to make for quick cleaning, and it comes with a brush to simplify this task. The only color options for this $40 purchase are black and white, and you’ll want to remember to charge it for around 12 hours before your first use. After the initial charging time, four hours should be the equivalent of about 30 minutes.