Rechargeable Snow Shovel does the heavy lifting

rechargeable-snow-shovelWinter! Now this is definitely a fun time, for sure. However, life has its very own way of balancing things out. With winter comes snow, and unless you are super rich with an entire platoon of servants catering to your every whim and fancy so much so that you do not need to lift a single finger to attend to this thing known as house chores around the home, then chances are those of you living in a standard house would have to shovel your driveway of snow should there be too much of the white stuff falling overnight. Of course, there is always the option to hire help or to install Heated Traction Mats, but with the world’s economy not doing roaring business these days, why not get some exercise in? Good thing there is the $249.95 Rechargeable Snow Shovel that will help facilitate the shoveling of snow in your driveway much faster and with less effort.

The Rechargeable Snow Shovel is a cordless powered snow shovel which is capable of clearing a path without the need for any heavy lifting on your side. This is made possible thanks to a 500-watt motor which will propel a two-blade paddle auger, helping toss snow up to 25′ and clearing a 13″ wide by 6″ deep pathway. Apart from that, there is a second handle located half way down the shaft which can be adjusted for optimal two-handed control, while the over 6′-long contoured shaft delivers ergonomic comfort that is easy on the back. The Rechargeable Snow Shovel tips the scales at less than 15lbs, making it ideal for walkways, porches, or patios. A 3-hour charge delivers up to 50 minutes of shoveling.

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