Rechargeable Insect Vacuum

Rechargeable Insect Vacuum
Well this is a new high-tech twist on getting rid of insects. The Rechargeable Insect Vacuum sucks in the insect you point it at, and kills it in the chamber.

In comparison to other alternatives, the Rechargeable Insect Vacuum is quite environmentally friendly, and is also very clean and sanitary, leaving no nasty splats to clean up. Unlike regular vacuums, this has a unique one-way trap door on the nozzle so that your bugs can’t escape.

Not only does it suck up the bug for you, however, it also kills it. Once inside the main chamber, a quick jolt of electricity is shot through the bug to kill it instantly and painlessly. The voltage is very safe and is just high enough to kill the bugs so it’s hardly dangerous to humans.

It also features a special rubber nozzle which allows you to suck up bugs no matter where they are. I know the most annoying place to try and kill bugs is when they get into corners but the special nozzle does it with ease. The nozzle is also extend-able so you don’t have to climb up on tables or chairs to get those pesky bugs.

The vacuum is recharged via a 9V adapter and features an LED battery level indicator. For safety the electric zapping grid is disabled when the vacuum is opened to dispose of insects. Also you don’t have to worry about touching the bugs while you’re emptying the vacuum because they fall right out into the garbage.

The Rechargeable Insect Vacuum is available for $59.95 from