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Rechargeable Hand Warmer makes sure your hands do not freeze

rechargable-hand-warmerI know, I know – winter is not a season that everyone loves, although there is a fair number of folks out there who certainly do not mind the frigid temperatures. Well, keeping oneself warm would require money – whether you pay through your nose for heating, or to layer yourself in multiple clothing items so much so that you end up looking like Stay Puft, or rather, the Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters series. Well, if you would like something that can keep your hands nice and warm without having to burn a huge hole in your pocket, then the $49.95 Rechargeable Hand Warmer does seem to fit the bill pretty nicely.

Granted, this is not the very first portable hand warmer that we have seen before, and neither is it going to be the last, so I will just share with you the merits of bringing this bad boy around. The Rechargeable Hand Warmer is capable of delivering up to half a dozen hours of non-stop heat, where it will be able to fit into your pocket or purse with ease thanks to its diminutive form factor. The included lithium ion battery will ensure that the device heats up quickly, reaching a maximum temperature of 130° Fahrenheit. It is weather-resistant to boot, being of a rugged albeit lightweight aluminum construction, making it ideal to bring with you wherever you go.