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Rechargeable Floating Light adds a touch of class to your parties

rechargeable-floating-lightsSo, you are a social butterfly who loves to host parties and the like, and each time you throw a party, you would like to make sure that it will be the talk of town at least for some time to come, or until you happen to have another party up your sleeves down the road. While exploring various themes are interesting, what happens when you are short on ideas, but would like to make an immediate and lasting impact on your guests? The £9.99 Rechargeable Floating Light is certainly a bright idea, pardon the pun.

The Rechargeable Floating Light will be able to turn your beverages into chic little lamps, where it provides a new, unusual lease of life to your liquid consumption. Each of the Rechargeable Floating Lights can be easily recharged through USB, which means it does not go to waste at all once the battery is depleted, since you are able to use them again and again, and not only that, they are far less of a fire hazard than pesky tea lights. Needless to say, these will be water resistant and comes with enough power to last for all three different hours.