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This Rechargeable Arc Lighter will deliver some sweet burns

Rechargeable Arc Lighter

If you’ve ever tried to light something on fire with a lighter when there’s even the slightest bit of a breeze, then you know the struggle of trying to keep it lit. It’s hard to keep consistent heat, and if the flame isn’t strong and steady, it’s a struggle to get it to start a campfire, or even light a cigarette. If you want to stop relying on a flame that can go out with a puff of air, then why not go for something that can’t be affected by it?

This USB Rechargeable Arc Lighter is certainly for those who are looking to be perceived as elegant, yet insane. Rather than using fuel and flint to make a flame, it will use electricity to provide a high enough heat that you can light your smokes or some kindling. This is more aimed at smokers than anything, but for that crowd it will only work on cigarettes, as cigars are too large, and would need something akin to the size of a taser to be lit.

This is windproof, flameless, and only needs to be plugged in via USB for fuel. You will have to part with close to $25 for this device, but it can light up to four packs on one charge, and will let you know how low on juice it is via LED indicator rather than just run out randomly. You can get one of these in gun metal black, electric blue, or gold.

Available for purchase on Amazon