RearView – Spy Glasses

The first gadget that every true spy should have, are the glasses like the ones in the image. Why so? Because they have a small mirror in both lenses that lets you see what’s happening in your back. You will probably feel like a movie hero with these glasses, and that’s something we always want.

Here are a couple of situations in which the Rear View Glasses would be useful:

  • Imagine yourself walking around at night in a dark lonely street and you got the feeling someone is chasing you. The element of surprise is in your side since you can check your back and see if someone is really following you. If this happens you have more time to make your move, so decide: either start running, call the cops, or take the gun out of your pocket.
  • If you’re in the ATM picking up some money and there is a small group of individuals who have that criminal look. With the glasses on, again, you have the time to decide what to do what your life.
  • You got a spy job to follow someone. Most people look back to see if they’re being followed or no, right? The “spy”, or “detective” wearing the RearView glasses will follow the person while being in front of them.
  • Another completely different situation is, if you’re in the Tour of France (that’s a cycling competition in case you don’t know) and want to see if someone is sprinting to get in front of you. You could: either waste a few seconds and take a moment to look back; or you could be wearing the glasses and just continue doing your thing without having to waste time. What’s it going be?

Available at Kopes for $19.95

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