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Rearview Bike Camera makes riding safer on the roads

rearview-bike-cameraThere is a reason why we call it an “accident” – you simply do not plan for it, and neither do you go sniffing out for one. When it comes to an activity like cycling, apart from following all of the road rules to the letter and wearing the relevant safety gear, there is still the inherent risk of some driver who failed to notice you and ploughs into your lane, giving you a near heart attack at the same time. Hence, it is important to have eyes even at your back – and this is where the $199.99 Rearview Bike Camera comes in handy.

The next time you are about to head out for a ride, do not forget to go along with the Rearview Bike Camera so that it offers you an increased awareness of your surroundings. The rear-facing camera and LCD viewing display will give you the ability to monitor approaching vehicles constantly without having to take the risk of losing your balance simply because you have to turn your head to the back. Not only that, the Rearview Bike Camera will also increase your visibility on the road to other motorists thanks to 10 flashing red LEDs which will turn themselves on in low light conditions automatically. A full charge would be able to deliver approximately 10 hours of operation time for this weather-resistant system.