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Rear View Safety vehicle flood lights has integrated camera

rear-view-safetyIt was only a matter of time before vehicles incorporated rear view cameras, and this has undoubtedly helped drivers from all walks of life to be able to drive in a safer manner, especially when they are backing up their vehicle into the garage or a parking lot. There has been instances of parents unwittingly knocking their own child over simply because the child was in a blind spot, and the rear view camera has definitely worked wonders in minimizing such unfortunate incidents. Rear View Safety has recently rolled out a range of vehicle flood lights that boast of a built-in backup camera.

 The RVS-FLC03 Vehicle Flood Light with Backup Camera (Circle) and RVS-FLC05 Vehicle Flood Light with Backup Camera (Square) happen to be easily mounted to the front or rear of a vehicle, helping to boost night driving visibility. In addition, both cameras come with a wide 140° viewing angle and are totally waterproof with an IP68 rating. It makes perfect sense after all, since your vehicle will have to go through rain from time to time.

These cameras will be able to not only help you see better what is in front and at the back, they are also the perfect eyewitness in the unfortunate event of an accident. Since they are mounted high on top, you get a far better view of your surroundings than a mere reverse camera that most modern vehicles sport these days. I also like the fact that these are useful when it comes to camping, as the flood light will not only help you scare away unwanted animals who might threaten you, but you can also have a better sense of safety while remaining inside the vehicle as you check out your surroundings through the camera itself.

There is no word on pricing on both the square and circle models, but one thing is for sure: in the event of a zombie breakout, they’d be extremely handy.

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