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Rear View Mirror has video camera built in

Rear View Mirror dashcam

Often times, automobile accidents boil down to either one man’s word against another or some arbitrary rule that the one driving behind is automatically at fault. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have video proof of who’s at fault? Well, only if it’s the other guy, that is! But that’s the idea behind this Rear View Mirror Car Camera Recorder.

Check out the video of it recording an accident here.

The video camera is mounted in the rear view mirror and it functions as a blind spot reduction, backup camera, and a DVR. It records to SD card and records not only the video image, but equally important is the time and date. And with SD cards, removal of the video clips to play on your PC is extremely simple. And what’s really cool is that the Rear View Mirror Car Camera Recorder works with your existing rear view mirror as an overlay, so there’s no expensive and time consuming installation process to replace the stock mirror. It just slips right over it.

Other features include 2.5” LCD screen, adjustable lens, recording that automatically begins when you start the car, and auxiliary camera port for optional rear view camera – which is a great idea, especially if you’re driving an RV or pulling a large trailer like a boat or camper.

Cost is about $400, but is currently on sale for $50 off with a 1GB SD card included at Brickhouse Security.

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  2. Very cool product–and easy to install too! We just started carrying one w/ two cameras: one on the mirror and a remote one, so a driver can record video in front, turn the camera to keep an eye on passengers, and use the other camera for backing up or keeping an eye on a trailer, etc. No more guessing who’s at fault!

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