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The Realm System makes playing games a workout

Realm System

When you play video games, you can turn your brain off from the real world for a while, and escape into a place that you could never experience otherwise. It’s no wonder that people want immersive experiences for gaming in worlds that are otherwise unattainable. This is why things like the Occulus Rift and Star Wars Tie Fighter gaming Pods are being made. It’s the same reasoning as seeing a movie on a big screen rather than waiting for it to come out on DVD and watching it at home.

The Realm System wants to give an added layer of depth to your gaming by providing you resistance to add a physical experience. This means your energy expenditure will determine how well you can play the game. The harder you strive, the better you’ll do. You’ll also be able to track how much effort is going into each movement.

While this would be great for gaming, it also is going to make you tired. While movement games like DDR and Zumba secretly hide a workout in their game play, you are kind of already expecting it. If you were required to swing a sword with the actual strength that would be required to swing a real sword, it might not be as fun anymore. Paying $199 towards the crowdfunding campaign should get you a Realm kit and access to the six games that have been created for this device.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter