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Really Cool Portable GPS Tracker

Update: Somewhat annoyingly Think Geek have stopped selling this GPS tracker, however there is a huge selection of alternatives over on Amazon.

This must be one of (if not the) coolest spy gadgets I’ve ever reported on. It’s sort of a cross between a USB memory stick and a GPS receiver and what it does is store where ever you take it on the flash memory.

The Portable GPS Tracker is pretty small so you could either always carry it on you or use it in 007 spy mode by planting it on a person or vehicle you want to monitor. You may be wondering how you retrieve the stored info and secret routes, well that’s where it gets really cool.

Once the tracker has done it’s travels and it’s back in your possession you simply connect it to you PC and download the data. This data can then be plotted on Google Earth, Mapquest, and Virtual Earth to show exactly where it’s been, how long it took and how it got there.

I just think this is so cool (may of said cool a record number of times in this post) it obviously has the spy functionality of tracking somebody else but to me it is even more useful for tracking your own holidays and backpacking adventures. So not only can you bore visitors with your holiday snaps you can also show them exactly where you went.

Full feature list:

  • Records time, date, location, speed, direction and altitude
  • Works with Google Earth, Mapquest,, Virtual Earth
  • Location points are downloaded into its software and then mapped
  • Battery duration is 5 to 7 days of typical operation with 4,000 records
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Dimensions: 4″ x 1 1/4″ x 3/4″
  • Comes with TrackStick, lanyard, software CD

You can used to be able to buy this nifty GPS tracker from Think Geek for $249.99, a good alternative now is Amazon.

36 thoughts on “Really Cool Portable GPS Tracker”

  1. There is a small image of a globe imprinted into the track stick to indicate that this side must face upn towards the sky. Be sure that nothing metallic is blocking the track stick’s view of the sky.

    So i dont think this will work on a plane or under a car!

  2. Then again, if you’re going out where phone signals don’t reach, this USB thing might have the advantage. 😉

  3. how can you know where the personis if its a usb stick, you would have to find the person and get it from them to plug it into you comp to see where they were. whats the point?

  4. So the GPS is in the USB stick or does that have to be purchased seperately? I am a little confused.

  5. I was thinking this would be cool to track my ski day adventures (I could get veritcal drop skied, etc.), but it has to be exposed/facing up. The way I ski, that’s not always guaranteed :*)

  6. This is great, as you mentioned it, the tracker could be great to follow your steps in your own adventures when backpacking in Europe!. Great! I want one!

  7. We’ve been dugg 🙂
    Just like to say thanks to everybody that dugg us. I knew nothing about this until a mate texted me with the news. Touch wood the server seems to be coping *crosses fingers even more*

    Thanks for the comments and other links, I’ll check them all out.

  8. alittle too much for me at this time

    but im interested i wish it could be watched in real time on google, or a gps receiver

  9. Seems like something that needs visibility to the sky may be difficult to make unnoticeable. “What’s this USB device taped to the back of my shirt?”… “oh that’s nothing.”

    Maybe add a magnet to it and throw it on the outside roof of a car? It may not be noticed on larger/taller cars or trucks. And note that you would have to still retreive the device after deployment. Doesn’t seem like a good spytool to me, unless the subject is atleast partially retarded.

    Still cool to track your own movements though.

  10. You should check out Photofusion, software that correlates photo timestamps with a GPS tracklog. Showing folks where you went on vacation just got a lot more interesting.

  11. But doesnt it have to be connected to a PC to work (connect to satellites, access the memory)?
    I mean, if its got batteries, then they cant last more than 2 hours or so.

  12. The batteries last for about a week of normal use. And when it isn’t in motion, it doesn’t use the batteries at all. It doesn’t need to be plugged into a computer until you want to download the data: It’s not a USB memory stick – it just looks like one. It’s just a GPS data gatherer which you can plug into your USB port.

    What I’d REALLY like to see is to have a two-position switch on the outside, and have each datapoint record with the position of that switch. Then, you keep it in your car and flip it to “Business” when you are driving tax-deductable miles, or “Personal” when you drive for other reasons. Download the data to your computer on a regular basis, and at the end of the year generate a business mileage report for taxes so that you don’t have to keep a manual log. I HATE logging my miles, and I forget half the time. With something like that, it could be almost fully automated. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out who the manufacturer is, so I don’t know where to submit the suggestion.

  13. Falcom….. how much does it cost, is there a fee every month???? how much, which maps can be used??


  14. This is a neet little tool, but you can have another type installed on your vehicle that does a whole lot with your vehicle besides just tracking it. You can have your vehicle starter enable/disable if stolen, doors unlocked if locked out. If you just want to track someone your portable one should do fine only. This website has a great one for everything you need on tracking a vehicle via internet.

  15. I am looking for some type of a tracking device that can be concealed in a roll of electrical wire. I am a home builder and wire is a favotite item for thieves to steal for the copper in it. I thought maybe I could hide the device in a new roll of wire and track it to the thieves whereabouts. Any suggestions?

  16. Tk102 GPS personal tracker is a portable GPS tracking device which can be used as an emergency cellular phone with speed dialing for two-way voice communication. It can silently call any emergency number in the world for immediate assistance. The emergency silent call feature also provides a digitized voice message which can report the time, date, speed, heading, and location of a person in distress.

    It can operate in both SMS and GPRS modes. This gives it the ability to transmit its position as a text message or it can be monitored in real-time via the internet. It also trigger an alert when the device enters or exits a pre-defined area. This is ideal for school security, field trips, correctional departments, car dealerships, VIPs, and security guards. it has a built-in high-sensitivity GPS receiver that can provide near-indoor and under bridge location capability where normal GPS is unable to do so.
    Its main goal is to help missing children, reduce kidnapping, and provide help for critical situations where immediate assistance is a must. This portable device measures 100 x 45 x 25 mm and has a built-in Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.

  17. Our new model TK201 is very smart and can is ony 39*46* is useful for pet.proteck child ,the older,the disabled ,pet etc.provide peace-of-mind for businessmen.manage personnel.

  18. Track Stick only has a three month warranty and I have experienced a lot of problems with them. The “Tracking Key” is a much better device and it’s more advanced. The Tracking Key has a 1 year warranty. You can buy them from several different companies, but make sure you buy from someone who has been around for a long time and will be there to support you just in case.

  19. hi sir,
    we have started a hourse race we want to know the way of our hourses travel with using gps system. how can we connect it and use it. give as a detailed information about it .

  20. The portable GPS tracker detailed in this post is awesome.All its features illustrated here are highly impressive.I’m exited to buy it.It will be of great use for my family because all of us have great interest and passion for travelling and visiting new places.

  21. This GPS receiver looks as though it was designed very similar to the way the GPS Tracking Key was designed from the look of the system.

    No fees for service make data loggers popular. Might be worth a try…

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