ReadywhenUR – SMS Kettle

SMS KettleI think my dream gadget has just been invented. It’s laziness at its peak! This gadget is called ‘ReadywhenUR’, an ingenious title when I tell you what this thing can do. You send a SMS text to your kettle and it boils. Can you believe it! I’m definitely going to be getting one of these.

When you send the text, it is sent to the satellite and sent back to the kettle to be received by the built in radio receiver. I can see it now. You are watching telly and want a cup of tea during the adverts but can’t be bothered getting up, going into the kitchen and waiting on the kettle to boil before returning to the sofa only to miss the first two minutes of your favorite TV program.

All you have to do is text your kettle (can’t believe I’m saying that) before the break, and all you will have to do is walk in the kitchen and serve your already boiled water.

If you are a gadget lover like me, you’ll go through about 100 texts a month anyway, so sending a text that will boil your kettle sounds like very little effort and what are a few texts when you’re spending hundreds a month on gadgets?

What a cool wedding gift, or house moving present! Great for when you have a friend over for a coffee and it certainly will impress the ladies. When you have been at work all day and just want to sit down to a nice mug of hot chocolate, text your kettle before you arrive and voila.

This amazing kettle can be yours for £100, which is more than your average kettle but will save you time and effort in the long run. No need for a husband or wife to make a cuppa for you, you just need your mobile and a ‘ReadywhenUR’.

Found via Gizmodo.

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