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The Readyman Hostage Escape Survival Credit Card will hopefully never be useful


The world is a pretty dangerous place right now. We want our danger to be in fantasy and video games, not just outside our door, and it’s not fun to think that leaving home, or not leaving home could put you in a precarious situation. If you haven’t heard, elementary schools are even doing lock down drills of what to do if a bad person comes in the school.

While it’s said there are moments where your brain has to choose between fight or flight, some are offered a bit more time to think through what to do. If you ever find yourself in a precarious situation, having a handy tool kit to help you escape might be worth toting around. This Readyman Hostage Escape Survival Credit Card is like a lot of the other multi-purpose credit cards we’ve seen before, but it is specifically tailored to escaping restraints.

The card is made of stainless steel, is lightweight, and has a hacksaw, handcuff shim, zip tie shim, torsion bar, pick, and a rake. One of the main problems with this would be storing it in your wallet (which would likely be taken), this being found and causing more trouble than providing help to you, and the thinness of the tools breaking when in use. It’s $12.95, but would probably need to be tested thoroughly and practiced with before they could truly provide you any true safety net. If you want to know how to protect yourself better in the case of an emergency, there are plenty of websites to look to for help.

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