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Ready, Set, Draw…Your Thermometer

Overcooking food. There is no better way to kick a nice evening off than burning the steaks or overcooking the potatoes. Think of it, you have friends over, you are trying to be host(ess) and get all the food finalized. Make sure the grill is a certain temp, make sure the water on the stove is hot enough, keep the side dishes warm…but not cooking. It is a challenge to juggle all the tasks! Arm yourself with a tool that can help you manage times like this, and more.
The Kintrex IRT0421, built to measure temperatures from a distance, requires no contact with food. Using an infrared sensor, the unit provides temperatures from -76 to 932°F. Hopefully your meat doesn’t get hotter than that. The pistol-grip design makes it easy to handle and by not touching the food you maintain a sanitary environment. Beam it at the grill to check temperature, beam it at the warming items to ensure they quit cooking. Not to mention the fact you can use it to stay on top of temperatures anywhere. Two AAA batteries for power means you can replace them as needed. Manage all the temperatures in your life for $46.45 on Amazon.