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The Reacher Portable Karaoke Machine – sing like everyone’s watching

Karaoke Machine

If you really enjoy karaoke, then you know the trouble of finding the time and money to make it to a karaoke bar. You don’t necessarily have to have a room to yourself just to belt out your favorite tunes, but it is nice to have the ambiance. If singing songs with your friends is your most cherished hobby, then why not make it so you can turn your lives into a musical at any moment?

Many karaoke machines are a bit clunky, but will blast your voice loudly with a simple backtrack to your best songs. This Reacher Portable Karaoke Machine is tiny, but will pump up your jams just the same as a larger versions would, just not to the same extent. It has a Bluetooth speaker with a wired mini microphone, Micro SD card slot, 3.5mm AUX line-in stereo cable, a cable for connecting directly to your computer, and a USB Drive Input slot so you can connect your music however you prefer.

You’ll get 10 hours of play time through its 2000 mAh battery, and can charge for 5V input devices like your phone or tablet. There’s also volume memory, so if you were belting at full blast when you last had it on, remember to turn it down before you start up again or your ears will not be prepared. This will only cost you $27.99, and would be perfect for any aspiring singers.

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