The Reach Bluetooth Audio Receiver works magic

Reach Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Ever wished that you could pull device from just about any mobile device and stream music to a pair of headphones? Short of being able to manipulate a device on a molecular level (which would mean that you are a mutant), you might need something more practical — such as The Reach from Wicked Audio. The Reach is a new accessory that will enable consumers to use their beloved wired headphones and earphones in a totally new method — without the need for any wires.

The Reach Bluetooth Audio Receiver, BT (4.2) as it is called, will be able to pull a signal from just about any mobile device in order to stream music to headphones. It will do so within a range of 30 feet, now how about that? This is pretty much in line with what Bluetooth connectivity is all about, within a 10 meter radius. However, today there are Bluetooth transmitters with a very long range, up to 90 feet and more.

The Reach will virtually be able to transform every headphone into a wireless device, as it offers the highly-demanded portability and accessibility for today’s generation of mobile consumers. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S has done away with the traditional 3.5mm audio jack that we have all come to know and love, and Reach could not be released in a more timely manner — especially for folks who would want to continue using their favorite and/or expensive headphones and earphones.

The Reach itself measures a mere 1.5” long, 1.25” wide and .25” deep, allowing you to seamlessly fit in with any usual attire or easily slip into a pocket or bag. It is also totally hands-free, where the clothing clip paves the way for on-the-go usability. Not only that, the Reach can recharge in approximately 1.5 hours, where it delivers up to 5 total hours of battery life. Users are able to control volume and tracks from the device itself, and take full advantage of the integrated phone mic.

Those who are interested in the Reach Bluetooth Audio Receiver need not fork out a fortune either, as it is available for $19.99 a pop.