RCA Ultra-Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna for those living in a shoebox apartment

RCA Ultra-Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna

If there is one thing that bustling cities are famous for, it would be the issue of expensive accommodation. A tiny one room flat might cost half of your monthly salary, as that is the price to pay for convenience to move within and around the city center. Having said that, this means you would need to make full use of every square inch, and thankfully there are companies out there who identify with such a group of people, rolling out devices which cater to such a specific need. RCA is one of them, being the original pioneer of color television and outdoor TV antenna technologies, and they have just announced the availability of their Ultra-Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna.

RCA’s latest Ultra-Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna is capable of receiving free local news, sports, weather and popular TV show broadcasts in both UHF and VHF frequencies in resolutions of up to 1080i, now how about that? Sure, there is no Full HD resolution (1080p) here, but what the heck – it is free broadcasts that we are talking about over here. This is not the first of its kind however, as there is the Leaf Ultimate Paper Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna that we have seen before. If you want HD or even 4K streaming there are other options out there. Probably the cheapest and easiest is getting yourself an android TV box, which incredibly fast to set up and support all kinds of streaming services.

Basically, the RCA Ultra-Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna has been specially designed to receive broadcast signals in both the UHF and VHF frequencies, so regardless of what your favorite programming is broadcast on, you will still be able to enjoy your favorite content without missing a beat. If you happen to reside on the outer fringe of a broadcast tower’s range, fret not, the “SmartBoost” amplified technology, will help amplify weak signals in order to preserve purity as well as reduce signal noise with precision circuitry.

Not only that, the antenna is also reversible and paintable, where its ultra-thin design is a snap to install thanks to the removable two-sided mounting tape, as well as the included 12-foot cable which lets you hunt down the best reception in a jiffy. All that you need to do is to connect the coaxial cable to your TV, place the antenna in its optimum spot and scan for channels, and you’re good to go. There are two models – the non-amplified Ultra-Thin Indoor Antenna and amplified Ultra-Thin Indoor Antenna which will retail for $49.99 and $69.99, respectively.